Superride Electric Unicycle S1000

Worlds first one wheel transportation

Self Balancing

Advanced self balancing technique make this one wheel scooter become possible.

1000 w Motor

20MPH Max Speed, Max Load 280LBS

Long Lasting Battery


Light Weight

Weighs only 45 LBS, this one wheel scooter will bring you anywhere you want.

A unicycle that will take you anywhere

Order this unique electric unicycle today!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the seat height, overall width? Any set height adjustment?

The seat height from floor to seat is 26″ and unfortunately non-adjustable. The handlebar height from floor to top can be extended from 32″ to about 39″ maximum. This should be plenty comfortable for most people, as our 6′ 0″ associate is able to sit with his forearms parallel with the ground. Hopefully this helps to demonstrate the size of our bike, thank you for the excellent question!

Does the brake lever turn the motor off and brake at the same time?

The brake lever does not turn off the motor and does not create any friction to stop the wheel. Pulling the lever will tell the computer to rebalance the scooter to the upright stopped position. This should be used in the event you lose control of the bike or need to slow down quickly without leaning as far back to reverse the scooter. You should always give yourself enough space to stop comfortably, and should not intend to ride this down steep slopes without ample space to slow down and stop. Thank you very much for the question.

What is the weight limit?

The weight limit is 300lbs total.

Would this be ok to take down a hiking trail?

You can use this on a hiking trail. Although, don’t try to ride on a slope more than 15 degrees. You would have to walk over there.